According to the introduction by the Bellissimo Marmico-founder Settimo

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In 2007,Huahui Share Company cooperated with thehigh-end white marble brand “Bellissimo Marmi” which islanded in Nanan Shuitou city. On june 19,2017, BellissimoMarmi brand conference was held in the stone culturestock of Huahui Share Investment. With the witness ofvisitors, the representatives of Huahui Share Investmentand the relevant principal of Bellissimo Marmi opened thecurtain. And from that time, the Bellissimo Marmi brandconfronts to the public officially.

As one of the founders of Bellissimo Marmi,WangWeixuan introduced the original intention of the brandfoundation and the vision of the brand development to thevisitors. the buffet and drinks were prepared for thevisitors. There were also delicious food cooked by ltaliantop chef and cello playing. It was not only a brandconference, but also a party for inspiring stone people.

According to the introduction by the Bellissimo Marmico-founder Settimo,“White is the most everlasting cololsystem which is employed in the high-end spaceimplication field. "This conference mainly gave people aplatform to communicate, and gather a group of like-mindstone people to discuss various possibility of spaceimplication of the white stone so that the stone culture canbe spread out better