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The texture is as smooth as jade,and its color is as white as snow.The graceful and flowing gray veins are carved on the surface of the board,as The Danube is long and smooth and asMycenae seems like a profound mystery.



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    The pure white is mixed with a shiny gray mineral background, giving the fish belly a noble white skin tone. Every gray and white pattern is a gift from nature's knife craftsmanship. Like the white jade fields, they are graceful and elegant, leaving white space but not monotonous. The cracks and changes give this white stone a more unique design tension.

    Design Applications
    Fish belly white is a classic product in the high-end white stone series, sought after by many high-end designers, luxury homes, and star rated hotels. It is suitable for use in various areas such as high-end hotels, villas, home decoration backgrounds, countertops, stairs, etc



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